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HO Freeride w/ FreeMAX ART

HO Freeride w/ FreeMAX ART


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HO Freeride w/ FreeMAX ART

HO FreeMax Direct Connect Binding 2017


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HO Freeride w/ FreeMAX ART

Freeride w/ FreeMAX ART

Any Boat, Any Water Condition



Clean Edge Technology is the backbone of each and every HO Freeride ski. This revolutionary ski technology allows skiers to ski behind any boat, at any speed, in any water condition. The beveled edge of a traditional water ski allows water to wrap around the bottom of the ski and up the sidewall where it finally releases off the ski’s top edge. Clean Edge Technology is bevel-less and the sidewalls are rotated inward like a wakeboard edge. The combination of these two design features causes water to release cleanly off the bottom surface of the Freeride resulting in a 50% less drag than conventional skis. By having 50% less drag than a conventional ski, skiers are now able to slow the boat down to wakeboard speeds and enjoy skiing without sinking and having to deal with excessive spray and drag.

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Weight25 lbs
Shipping Dimensions72 x 10 x 9 in

HO FreeMax Direct Connect Binding 2017

Ski Binding Size

4-8, 7-11, 10-15


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